Book a Facilitated Workshop

Book a Facilitated Workshop
If you’d like to book the Digital Thumbprint program in your school, please complete the form below to express your interest. A member of our facilitation team will be in touch shortly to confirm your booking.
If you have any questions, please get in touch.
T: 1800 334 036
Booking Information

We offer the following workshops to metro NSW and metro VIC, as well as selected regional communities:

  • Cyber Security
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Discernment
Each workshop runs for the duration of one teaching period of 45–60min and is designed to be delivered to a standard sized class of 20-30 students.
To optimise facilitator capacity and maximise the program’s reach, bookings can be made for as many days as is required, with a minimum of 3 workshops booked each day.
Workshop Set Up – Digital
We are delighted to now offer you our workshops digitally. During these sessions, the facilitator will engage with the group via video conference and will not physically attend the school. These sessions can be run with a group of students in a classroom, or with students learning from home. The school/students need to have:
  • Access to Zoom on at least one device (Zoom log-in or registration is not required)
  • Projector or smartboard with sound and visual capabilities (only applicable if working with students in the classroom)
Sessions may also be run via Microsoft Teams or Webex upon request. For more information, please see our Terms of Participation and Code of Conduct for online workshops.
Workshop Set Up – Face to Face
When visiting your school, our facilitators follow all health and safety protocol required at the time of visit. They come prepared with all equipment required for their sessions including a projector and laptop. The school needs to provide:
  • A screen or wall to project onto
  • A small table for the projector
  • Access to power
  • Chairs (tables are not necessary)
  • Students should have some paper and a pen or pencil
  • A teacher present at all times




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If you’ve got a date(s) in mind, or have any further details for your booking, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.
T: 1800 334 036

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