Digital Impact

Digital Impact
Years 9-10
Understanding how actions online can have a lasting impact on an individual and others is crucial. It’s important to develop a positive online presence and always be responsible online.


Concepts Covered
Intention and impact –
it lives forever
How to have a positive
online identity
What to do when
things go wrong
“The Digital Thumbprint program was well delivered. The students were engaged and the information was relevant. I highly recommend it to other schools.”
Sally Atkins
Miller Technology High School, NSW
Curriculum Aligned
  • Analyse how the construction and interpretation of texts, including media texts, can be influenced by cultural perspectives and other texts (ACELY1739)
  • Interpret, analyse and evaluate how different perspectives of issue, event, situation, individuals or groups are constructed to serve specific purposes in texts (ACELY1742)
  • Understand that roles and relationships are developed and challenged through language and interpersonal skills (ACELA1551)
  • Identify and analyse implicit or explicit values, beliefs and assumptions in texts and how these are influenced by purposes and likely audiences(ACELY1752)
  • Understand how language use can have inclusive and exclusive social effects, and can empower or disempower people (ACELA1564)
Humanities and Social Science
  • How and why individuals and groups, including religious groups, participate in and contribute to civic life (ACHCK079)
  • The influence of a range of media, including social media, in shaping identities and attitudes to diversity (ACHCK080)
  • How ideas about and experiences of Australian identity are influenced by global connectedness and mobility(ACHCK081)
  • Reflect on their role as a citizen in Australian, regional and global contexts (ACHCS089)
  • Reflect on their role as a citizen in Australian, regional and global contexts (ACHCS102)
Digital Technologies
  • Evaluate critically how student solutions and existing information systems and policies, take account of future risks and sustainability and provide opportunities for innovation and enterprise (ACTDIP042)
Health and Physical Education
  • Examine the impact of changes and transitions on relationships (ACPPS090)
Information and Software Technology Year 9 & 10
  • 4.3.1 uses ethical practices when dealing with information and software technology
  • 5.2.3 critically analyses decision-making processes in a range of information and software solutions
  • 5.3.1 justifies responsible practices and ethical use of information and software technology
ICT for communicating- Level 9 & 10
  • They develop knowledge and understanding about the ethical use of ICT through practical experience, observation of their own and others’ behaviour, and by researching strategies for protecting vulnerable users from accessing or receiving unwanted information from the Internet.They use accepted protocols to communicate regularly online with peers, experts, and others, expressing their messages in language appropriate to the selected form of communication, and demonstrating respect for cultural differences.
Register for Digital Impact
Digital Impact is designed to run for 45-60 minutes and is delivered by our engaging facilitators at your school. For optimal results, we recommend a workshop size of no more than 30 students.


Digital Insight
Years 7-8
Protecting personal information, behaving responsibly and staying safe online is important – especially as use of the internet, devices and social media sites increases significantly, when going from Primary to High school.
Digital Ambition
Years 11-12
It’s critical to get study in years 11 and 12 right. Use technology and social media tools to set-up for future success – focus and achieve.

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