Digital Ambition

Digital Ambition
Years 11-12
It’s critical to get study in years 11 and 12 right. Use technology and social media tools to set-up for future success – focus and achieve.


Concepts Covered
Study – stay focussed
Manage time and be productive
Online resources and tool for study
“The Digital Thumbprint program was well delivered. The students were engaged and the information was relevant. I highly recommend it to other schools.”
Sally Atkins
Miller Technology High School, NSW
Curriculum Aligned
  • Evaluating the choice of mode and medium in shaping the response of audiences, including digital texts. (ACEEN003)
  • Analysing textual evidence to assess the purpose and context of texts (ACEEN018)
  • Essential English
  • Locating and extracting information and ideas from texts, for example, skim reading for general sense and scanning for key information (ACEEE008)
  • Using strategies and tools for collecting and processing information, for example, graphic organisers and spread sheets. (ACEEE010)
  • Understanding ethical research practices. (ACEEE038)
Information Processes and Technology Stage 6
  • P3.1 identifies and describes social and ethical issues justifies responsible practices and ethical use of information and software technology
  • P5.1 selects and ethically uses computer based and non-computer based resources and tools to process information
  • P7.2 uses and justifies technology to support individuals and teams
Technology Life Skills Syllabus Stage 6
  • IPTLS6 explores a technology range of information systems
  • IPTLS7 evaluates the suitability of information technology for a range of applications
  • IPTLS13 identifies and explores relationships between information systems, the individual, society and the environment
VCE Information Technology
  • Unit 1: IT In Action: How individuals and organisations use, and can be affected by, information and communications technology (ICT) in their daily lives
  • Unit 3: IT Applications: World Wide Web and how it supports the information needs of individuals, communities and organisations
Health – The social justice framework, Supportive environments
  • Recognising the home, school and community as settings for promoting healthy practices
  • Assessing changes in structures and practices such as group and community behaviours, technology, work patterns, leisure, urbanisation and food consumption, and the impact of these on the wellbeing of individuals and groups
Information Technology Systems
  • Appropriate equipment, procedures and techniques need to be used when working with computers to protect health and ensure safety
  • Workplace health and safety legislation, guidelines and procedures
Register for Digital Ambition
Digital Ambition is designed to run for 45-60 minutes and is delivered by our engaging facilitators at your school. For optimal results, we recommend a workshop size of no more than 30 students.


Digital Insight
Years 7-8
Protecting personal information, behaving responsibly and staying safe online is important – especially as use of the internet, devices and social media sites increases significantly, when going from Primary to High school.
Digital Impact
Years 9-10
Understanding how actions online can have a lasting impact on an individual and others is crucial. It’s important to develop a positive online presence and always be responsible online.

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